Saturday, May 9, 2009

SOLD 1993 low roof 5-speed 59,000kms!

-1993 low roof , 59,000kms 5-speed

Drive Yourself Crazy! Lancer Evo 2 58,000kms!

-1994 Lancer Evolution 2
- 58,000 original kms!
- LSD, turbo timer, K&N air flow, 3inch exhaust
- big intercooler, sway bar cd/md player
-15 inch OZ racing wheels with Blizzaks
-16 inch OZ racing wheels included (need paint)
-p/w, p/d, a/c
- test driven (owned by myself for 1 year)
- very fast, amazing handling, nice sound
-$5500 FOB (Yokohama) or
-$ 7600,00 to Vancouver, duties and taxes paid ready for pick up

Friday, May 8, 2009

SOLD 1994 exceed LIMITED EDITION! 65,000kms!

-1994 Exceed limited edition
- 65,000 original kms, no accidents
-and customs paid ready for pick up

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SOLD One Owner Fully maintained Delica!

-1993 Delica Exceed p35W
-one owner 179,000 highway km
-1.5inch shackle lift
-stainless steel trailer hitch
-timing belt done twice, serviced regularly
-personally know the owner